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Satoshi just got married to Miki, but he doesn't have much time for her. There was a meeting coming up so he had to finish the presentation quickly. Hinata, his colleague and also Miki's close friend, suddenly appeared. Seeing that Satoshi hadn't finished yet, she helped him a little. She also went to get coffee for Satoshi but accidentally spilled it all on him. Unable to go home in this condition, Hinata asked Satoshi to come to her house to change clothes, because she still had her ex-boyfriend's clothes. When she got home, Hinata immediately wore an extremely skimpy outfit, her nipples were hidden through the thin fabric, causing Satoshi's cock to quickly stand up. The train finally departed, and while not knowing what to do, Hinata asked about him and Miki, she even asked about their sex. Because they are busy, even though they are a married couple, they are not allowed to have sex with each other. Satoshi also asked Hinata again and learned that she did not have a lover, but had... a partner. Whenever she is lonely, Hinata looks for a new partner. According to her, sexual partners are just like friends and do not count as adultery, so why can't two people be sexual partners? Convinced by Hinata's logic and sexy body, Satoshi agreed to be her partner. And so the two made love all night long, Satoshi was able to release all the sexual desire he had accumulated for so long.

SSIS-424 Invited by a beautiful colleague to stay the night
 Movie Code: SSIS-424 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Marin Hinata